child being introduced to the brain blossom program

Brain Blossom Program™

At home exercise tracks in this program are designed to move an individual appropriately through different stages leading them to with the ability to more efficiently engage, connect, and learn from their world.

The Brain Blossom Program™ is an online, at home, generalized brain and body exercise and educational program.

Everybody! The program is designed to reduce stress and deflective tendencies in order to help individuals engage in, communicate with, learn from and enjoy their world. The only requirement is a partner to work with to administer some of the games.

Think of development like a flower. As it grows from a seed, everything that happens around it has an impact on what it will be when it’s fully grown. Human development is much the same. Our environments can greatly impact our most basic functions. The way we move our body, communicate with language, and use our sensory systems.

These impacted functions are what we call Deflective Behaviors™. They can take many forms. Deflective Behaviors™ can stem from many combinations of factors, but ultimately, they can change the way a person learns, behaves, communicates, and socializes. The Brain Blossom Program™ is designed to give specific body and brain games to help a person move on from their Deflective Behaviors™ to a healthier form of processing in their environment.